Monday, May 17, 2010

CVG Fest Recap #3

Click the image below to follow what happens for our 1 Year Birthday Celebration!

Team member Heka releases his stage: S.T.A.R.Labs: Secret Grounds! Download it by clicking the image below. You can leave your comments here: S.T.A.R.Labs: Secret Grounds

Today, we are happy to announce a new found partnership between Team CVG and the JL Mugen Team! Discuss this by clicking the image below. The topic will be updated with more news/hosted characters, so stay tuned!

Bizarro_Toro wanted to get involved with CVG Fest by making his very first stage, Irons Basement Workshop for his awesome Steel character. The stage has numerous animations and you will see a lot more than just what is shown in the image as far as scenery. Download it by clicking the image below and you can talk about the release here: Irons Basement Workshop (Steel stage) released by Bizarro_Toro

If none of you ever tried B.Orchid originally, well, now is your chance. Some of the most beautiful sprite work (all from scratch by ahrimanes) went into making her. This version contains some tweaks to the gameplay and a little better AI. To download, click the image and you can discuss the character here: B.Orchid (Killer Instinct) updated and released

As many of you know, Warecus and ALEXZIQ have been totally overhauling Guy Gardner lately. Well, this is your chance to see some of what they have been up to. Talk about what you see here: Guy Gardner video preview

CVG Fest comes out of its 2-day hiatus to bring you one of the most beautifully sprited characters you will ever see. Not only is CVG Friend Ahrimanes very talented, but every single sprite he made for this character (and all of his chars) is made completely from scratch. I hope you all understand the passion and dedication that takes. His Elektra is most notable for her appearances in the Streets of Rage video game series, but who needs that when you have her in Mugen. To download, click the image below, and discuss the release here: Ahrimanes releases Elektra from Streets of Rage beta!

Dr. Doom, Trexrell, and Yin are showing off a sneak peek of Black Adam in action. Talk about this amazing wip by clicking on the image of Black Adam below!

Jmaxximus updates his Predator WIP thread with a couple of awesome maskless sprites ! Click on one of the Predators below to leave your comments and see how this will affect gameplay.

CVG has been very proud of our relationship with Tazzer ever since he has taken to making select screen portrait requests in his request thread here. Well, today we are releasing all of those ports he has made there, plus a few more as a pack altogether. Tow download, click the image and you can discuss the release here: Tazzer Portrait Packs released

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