Saturday, April 30, 2011

CVG Fest, Day 4

CVG Fest has begun! Track everything that happens and is released by clicking this link or the pic below: CVG Fest 2011 is Here!!!

One of CVG's favorite characters gets a massive update that includes: A new hyper, gameplay/balance adjustments, and an AI upgrade. Download him by clicking the image and find out more about what is new here: The Atom is updated to v1.5 by AngelEcks

Mr. Fantastic just keeps getting better and better thanks to aa250. To find out what is new and leave a comment take the following link, while you can download by clicking on the image of him: Reed Richards updated by aa250

Take a look at this great video by ahrimanes showing off his HD WIPs and then talk about it here: Ahrimanes Mugen Works Trailer

REDZ shows off a ton of sprites on his Black Mask WIP and declares him in the process of being coded. To find out more, click the pic

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