Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from CVG, Part 1

CVG's Shove this up your Stocking Xmas Event Begins Now!!! Click the image below to follow everything that happens...

One of the best releases for 2010 was Supergirl by Toni. Well, thanks to him, she has been majorly updated. Download her by clicking the image and you can talk about it all here: Supergirl by Toni gets a major update!

Please take the appropriate link to make your nominations for CVG End of the Year Awards

Thank you to REDZ for revealing his latest WIP, Catman. Click him to find out more.

Day 1 of the Xmas Event begins here with aa250 showing off CVG's commitment to updating characters to the best gameplay for you. First by updating what was already the best Magneto available, and then by making his own version of Omega Red. Download them by clicking the images below and talk about it here: aa250 updates Magneto and releases his Omega Red

Check out the latest video update of bdc's project, Marvel Shi'ar Invasion. First looks at many of the characters involved. Talk about it here: Video Preview 2.0 of Marvel Shi'ar Invasion by bdc

Thank you to Jmaxximus for showing off numerous brand new animations for his Nightwing WIP: Massive WIP update of Nightwing by Jmaxximus

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