Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grudge Match: Batgirl vs Catwoman

I think that Catwoman could easily beat Batgirl. I decided to see if I can run a MUGEN scenario.


  1. As a comic fan, I'd say that Batgirl would win.

    Though, it depends on WHICH batgirl. There are multiple batgirls. 1 of them I know would definitely beat Catwoman.

    Like how there are different people that put on the Robin suit at different times, there are different batgirls...

  2. I should re-explain.

    Cassandra Caine would destroy Catwoman effortlessly. Cassandra Caine is probably the strongest batgirl...

    The one that doesn't speak fluently...

    Though, Catwoman would probably beat the other Batgirl, the Cassandra Caine... chinese batgirl would win.