Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mugen: Angel/Archangel

There is an X-men character I have been looking for. I have not been able to find a download link for it so I don't think that it has been released. But there is a video demo. Angel was one of the original X-men. He had organic wings that were once destroyed then he was tricked by the arch-villain Apocalypse who replaced his wings with metallic wings. He took to calling himself Archangel. Over the years he has switched between metallic and organic wings. I'm not to sure if the mugen character will offer play as Archangel as well but it looks great! The character is being developed by a member of the Infinity Mugen Team.


  1. he never released it (N), what dissapotting, only lied.

  2. uhm lol actually